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GET TO KNOW: The OG Anytime Spray

It’s time to get up-close-and-personal with the spray that started it all; Our Anytime Spray! Developed for you as a go-to product for literally *anytime* you feel you need a boost of positivity, clarity, or calm. This aromatherapeutic spray has a ton of benefits and uses.There’s no doubt, it’ll be hard to keep your hands off it. 

Your Sidekick For Everything

Anytime Spray is pure happiness in a bottle, so we say!. It’s a hydrating aromatherapeutic spray jam-packed with a stellar blend of essential oils + other clean ingredients to deliver you a dose of good vibes anytime you need.

The spray is made with a total of 6 different essential oils that work together to create a scent that’s both uplifting and relaxing (We know, we thought it impossible too). These babes are held in a dreamy solution that keeps it all together.  

So What’s the Tea on Aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy, at its core, is a holistic healing treatment that uses the power of plant extracts (aka essential oils) to help enhance the mind-body-connection. 

The way aromatherapy works and how it can be applied is diverse, yet pretty simple. The best ways to get the goods are through inhalation and topically on the skin-- which is exactly what our sprays provide!

Via inhalation, breathing in the aroma of certain oils, causes receptors in your nose to send messages all the way up to your brain. Here, there’s an interaction with the brain’s limbic system (connected to our emotions, breathing, stress, memory, heart rate and even our hormones!) that produces a response within your body--i.e; feeling relaxed, energized, etc. Aside from the cognitive benefits, breathing in certain oils like peppermint or eucalyptus are able to pack the punch needed to reduce decongestion and respiratory symptoms. 

There is more than one way to get your inhale on, and don’t worry it’s legal in all 50 states!

Our faves are using a diffuser, droplets in a bath or shower, or in an easy to use, highly accessible spray (Yay)! Okay we might be a little biased on that last one. 

The other way to get the goods is topically on your skin. It’s important oils are diluted to prevent irritation in a carrier oil or natural solution. This is to ensure the oils are absorbed fully and in the right amount needed for the body. A little goes a long way. The best ways to absorb through skin is via massage or, you guessed it, in an amazing spray.

It’s Really More Like, What CAN’T they do!?

When talking the benefits of essential oils we could go on forever, baby. If you weren’t already convinced, here’s a list of the most well known and highly coveted ways oils can heal and enhance our lives.

  • Reduce stress 
  • Provide relaxation 
  • Calm nerves 
  • Increase focus 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Reduce headache
  • Lessen nausea
  • Provide overall mood boost

Like A Genie In A Bottle.

Inside each Anytime Spray is a mash-up of the best! You’ll find calming lavender, revitalizing peppermint, cleansing sage, earthy cypress, bright bergamot, and clarifying eucalyptus. The oils we use are 100% pure, free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions (aka the creepy stuff.)  They are tested by certified aromatherapists before being sent to a third party testing facility to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible. Our super refreshing blend is combined with a base of Witch Hazel for toning + hydration, Vegetable Glycerin for moisture, Distilled Water, and a Natural Preservative to keep it all fresh.

Some days we feel our oils are our superpowers! Here’s a breakdown on each of our ingredients and why we adore them so.

Lavender Essential Oil:

Nature’s chill pill. Lavender Oil is sourced from flowers and steam-distilled resulting in a liquid that has a sweet, floral, yet earthy scent. It’s known for its intrinsic ability to promote a sense of calm, and relaxation. 

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Ice, ice baby. Cooling as can be, the leaves of the mint plant are steam-distilled resulting in an earthy mint oil that has a soothing touch. This oil is known to be energizing and promotes a sense of alertness and focus. 

Sage Essential Oil: 

Look at you, oh wise one. Sage Oil is sourced from the leaves of the Salvia officinalis plant. These leaves are steam-distilled to produce a light, earthy smelling oil. It helps to boost intuition,  to set intentions and aids in warding off any lingering toxic energies trying to kill your vibe. 

Bergamot Essential Oil:

Shine bright like a diamond. A citrus essential oil that is sourced from fruit peels and cold-pressed to create a liquid that is both fruity and floral. It’s tied to supporting the mind and can help reduce feelings of anxiousness or distress. 

Cypress Essential Oil:

Find your center. Made from steam-distilling the leaves of the Cypress Tree, cypress essential oil has an herbaceous, earthy, and fresh scent. This oil is known for its ability to make you feel like the strong babe and capable babe you are. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

Breathe baby, breathe. One of the more popular oils used in skincare, Eucalyptus Oil is sourced from the steam-distilled leaves of the Eucalyptus tree (a favorite of koala bears, too!). This oil is known for its soft woody scent that can open up all pathways in the body, including the lungs. 

Ways To Spray

Since you’re totally an aromatherapy expert now, let’s review all the ways to spray the Good Vibes, Anytime.

In Your Skincare Routine 

Use spray as a light, refreshing facial mist throughout the day or following your AM/PM skincare ritual to enhance your glow. 

As A Post-Workout Cleanse 

Use as a cool down spray after a FIRE yoga sesh or workout and spray onto mat TOWELS or face/hand towels used during workouts. 

To Freshen Home + Linens

Level up your crib game by spraying on linens or in the air for an instant refreshing boost.

Add To Your Meditation Routine  

Find your qi and get yourself centered by spritzing in your space and all up in that aura, honey. Let the aromas enhance that mind-body connection to set you up for your mediation sensation.

Remember to always follow the advice of a trained healthcare professional when using essential oils. Always test products containing essential oils on small area of skin to determine any unknown allergies. 


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