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First things first, let’s go over the ground rules:

  • There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to CBD, so finding your perfect balance is a journey. Your specific amount of sparkle (aka CBD) will be just for you. Your bod, your dose. 
  • Remember that everyone processes CBD differently. Factors like age, weight, metabolism and the foods you eat all contribute to how the CBD will contribute to your wellness. 


Here's what works for us to Get Those Good Vibes:

Start low, go slow, find your flow

Start with a small base dose, and stick with it for 7 days, then increase 1-2 mg a day until you feel your groove. Now get it on! Once you find that optimal dose, the sweet spot, stick with it. Increasing too much or too soon could make CBD less effective.

Keep it Going (and Glowing)

Using CBD daily (or at least regularly) is the best way to see results and stay in that groovy space. Consistency is key to see and feel the glow up. 

When in doubt, Ask your Doc

We are here to help guide you along your CBD journey.  We consider ourselves experts but It’s always best to talk to your doctor about how CBD interacts with your current routine (daily meds, vitamins, etc.).


There are two ways to slay CBD dosing:

Microdosing: That’s a small amount of CBD, multiple times a day.  Start with a small dose (2-5 mg) up to 3x/day.  Maintain for at least a week in order to truly get a sense of how it affects you.  After the seven days and if needed, begin to increase your microdose to 5-10 mg, then 10-20 mg, then 20-40 mg, giving three-seven days with a dose before increasing.  

**pro tip, keep a daily journal to write down how you are feeling with each dose, it will help you zero in on that sweet spot. 

Standard dosing: That’s one single amount of CBD, taken once a day. Again, start low, and go slow to find your flow.  We recommend a starting dose between 5-50mg based on the intensity of your symptom(s).  Remember, try to stick with a daily dose for about 7 days before making modifications. 

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