Chakra Set Chakra Set
Chakra Set Chakra Set

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Chakra Set


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Crystals go allll the way back, like millions of years, so there’s a reason why they’re legendary. These enchanting stones work with our energy fields to absorb and direct vibes where needed. They remind us to harness our inner strength, love and beauty. Use as a touchstone to enhance your sense of self and overall awareness.

Our dreamy collection of crystals and stones representing the seven chakras is the all-you-need-to-succeed kit to release what’s holding you back and set your spirit free.

Harness the supreme energy of your stones all-day, every-day by placing on your nightstand, your desk, or in your car for adventures ahead. Bring the vibrations even closer by carrying in your pocket, bag, or bra (we went there). The force is with you!
Our one stop magic shop offers a sacred stone for each one of your seven main energy centers. It comes with a purifying selenite wand and a personal sized alter to help keep your crystals together for the ultimate chakra healing experience. Keep your alignment where it needs to be… balanced and flowing free!

AMETHYST (Crown Chakra)
Connected to the crown chakra, Amethyst is known for its ability to heighten your intuition and release you from the fear of the unknown. With its mystical purple color, it’s dubbed a “natural tranquilizer” which makes it the perfect companion for the times you may feel anxious or worried. Welcome its radiant power into your life and find your peace of mind.

SODALITE (Third Eye Chakra)
Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms the heart. It enhances self-acceptance and self-trust. It encourages detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Tied to the third-eye (or anja chakra) This vibrant blue stone will aid in increasing awareness and help you to obtain a clear understanding of who you are. It may increase a yearning for freedom as it stimulates a departure from restrictive ideas and rules put in place to keep you playing small. Sodalite assists in bringing harmony and purpose into your life and stimulates trust and companionship.

BLUE APATITE (Throat Chakra)
This beautiful stone carries with it the ability to encourage you to be confident, seen, and stand in your power. Connected to the throat chakra, this vibrant, ocean-colored stone provides the energy and confidence needed when finding it difficult to express yourself clearly, or feel you aren’t being heard. Embrace the beauty of apatite to further find yourself and your unique voice.

Welcome abundance into your life with Green Aventurine. This gorgeous green stone is a symbol of prosperity; bringing comfort, harmony and good luck. Tied to the heart chakra, this stone provides love, compassion and trust. If it’s money, friendship, love or personal growth you need most, Green Aventurine will fill you with the positive energy to succeed.

Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra)
With its bright, sunshine yellow appearance, Citrine is all about good vibrations and kick-starting creative energy. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, it helps stimulate the brain, activate a positive mindset, and improve willpower. Incorporate citrine into your space and feel the negative energy float away.

ORANGE CALCITE (Sacral Chakra)
Add some sunshine into your life with Orange Calcite. Tied to your sacral chakra, this vibrant stone will encourage creativity and bring a burst of fresh, positive energy your way. If you’ve been dealing with bouts of self-doubt, shyness, or low levels of connection, this vibration-raising stone will help bring you back to yourself. It will help you tap into your sexuality and enhance your creativity.

CARNELIAN (Root Chakra)
A stabilizing stone, Carnelian is perfect for anchoring in the present. Connected to the root chakra, this crystal acts as a grounding force. It’s energy restores vitality and motivation while stimulating creativity for a new passion. It helps promotes courage, positive life choices, and motivation. With ones of red, brown and orange, this crystal's bold energy encourages a love for life and oneself.

Selenite, named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, is known to free you from tangled thoughts and future worries. It’s highly spiritual and helps to connect to your universal path. Selenite is often used for cleansing and purifying. She says see ya later to unwanted energy in the body and surrounding spaces. Selenite’s superpower is that it’s the only crystal that can fully cleanse and clear other crystals (a must!) This soft, delicate stone is the optimal tool for meditation, connecting with yourself, and raising your vibration.

All crystals are charged under the Full Moon. Size and shape may vary.

Dimensions of personal sized altar: 7.75"L x 3.5"W x .75"H
The seven chakras represent the divine energy within us. When any of these are unbalanced or blocked, we can experience physical and/or emotional pain in the blocked energy center.

Like our physical organs, our chakras will also get weakened and fatigued and over time. This occurs when we’re exposed to low vibrational frequencies such as traumatic events, poor stress management, or a lack of consistent self-care.

When balanced, the seven chakras maintain the ideal alignment of energy to every part of your body, mind, and spirit.


• The Root chakra, located at the base of the spine is responsible for your sense of security, grounding and stability
• The Sacral chakra, located just below your belly button, is linked to your emotions and creative and sexual energy.
• The Solar plexus chakra located in your stomach area, plays a role in self-esteem and confidence.
• The Heart chakra, found in the center of your chest, affects your ability to love and show compassion both to yourself and others.
• The Throat chakra is connected to your ability to communicate, stand in your power, and speak your inner truth.
• The Third Eye chakra, located between your eyes, is linked to your intuition, gut instinct, and imagination.
• The Crown chakra located at the top of your head, allows you to feel spiritually connected to the universe, yourself, and others.