Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set
Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set Good Vibes Set

Good Vibes Anytime

Good Vibes Set

Pickin' Up Good Vibrations


Leave behind stagnant bad vibes and step into a new day with our Good Vibes set! The tools enclosed will help to raise your vibration and bring you a sense of overall comfort and happiness.
Inside you’ll find vibration-boosting crystals, a 2 oz size of our renewing Good Vibes Anytime Spray, a cleansing sage bundle complete with a smudge bowl, matches, and ritual sand. We top it all off with a 100% cotton zipper pouch so you can take the vibes with you wherever you go. It’s time to start living your best life by setting yourself free from what’s dulling your shine.

Add some sunshine into your life with Orange Calcite. Tied to your sacral chakra, this vibrant stone will encourage creativity and bring a burst of fresh, positive energy your way. If you’ve been dealing with bouts of self-doubt, shyness, or low levels of connection, this vibration-raising stone will help bring you back to yourself.

If your heart is in need of nurturing, allow the crystal tied to “universal love” to open you up. Known for its soft, feminine energy, this crystal outpours compassion, peace, and forgiveness. With its light pink hue, Rose Quartz will bring love into your life--whether it’s for yourself or someone else. It will surround you in unconditional love to soften your heart, and help you embrace the beauty and opportunity all around you.

This beautiful stone carries with it the ability to encourage you to be confident, seen, and stand in your power. Connected to the throat chakra, this vibrant, ocean-colored stone provides the energy and confidence needed when finding it difficult to express yourself clearly, or feel you aren’t being heard. Embrace the beauty of apatite to further find yourself and your unique voice.

Selenite, named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, is known to free you from tangled thoughts and future worries. It’s highly spiritual and helps to connect to your universal path. Selenite is often used for cleansing and purifying. She says see ya later to unwanted energy in the body and surrounding spaces. Selenite’s superpower is that it’s the only crystal that can fully cleanse and clear other crystals (a must!) This soft, delicate stone is the optimal tool for meditation, connecting with yourself, and raising your vibration.
Made in California using good vibes and clean ingredients. Our topical products are made with 100% natural essential oils and undergo rigorous third-party testing.

Try a small amount on skin to ensure there is no allergy or irritation.