Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick
Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick Refresh Smudge Stick

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Refresh Smudge Stick

Fresh To Death

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Free your mind (and your space) -- the rest will follow. Eliminate unwanted energy around you, your home, or your workspace with our sacredly spirited smudge sticks.

Created using wild grown herbs and flowers, these made-by-hand bundles will clear away any bad juju that surrounds you and usher in the awareness and positive energy needed to keep your vibration high.

You’ll feel so fresh and so clean after burning this botanical bombshell. Filled with all kinds of empowering energy enhancers to help move out what’s stuck and alleviate the yuck. Made with a base of the ultimate OG White Sage, ever-so-fresh Eucalyptus, renewing Thyme and aura cleansing Rosemary, this bundle is your go-to-gal for the here and now. 

Holding the smudge stick by its base, ignite the top with fire for at least 10 seconds (it’s important to make sure the herbs are fully lit). Blow out any open flames, allowing the leaves to smolder.

Wave the smudge wand around the space, directing the fragrant smoke as you set intentions for your spirit or current state of mind. It’s most common to clear your doorways from negative energy entering, by tracing the frame with the smoke. Smudging yourself and your space will call in peace and positivity, while removing stagnant energy and negativity.

Catch the ashes in a heat-resistant dish with ritual sand to help snuff out any embers. Remember, never leave smudges burning. Feel free to open a window before to allow for more energy to flow through the space.

When sticks aren’t in use, simply place in an area that needs an increased level of vibration or clearing. Set on your nightstand, the corner of a room, or wherever it is desired most.

There are approximately 15 -20 uses in each smudge stick.
White Sage I Eucalyptus I Thyme I Rosemary

White Sage is an herb held sacred by Native Americans for hundreds of years, used in rituals and ceremonies. Its soft, calming fragrance is used to rid people, places, and objects of negative energy and bad spirits.

Used for protection and cleansing, Eucalyptus brings fresh energy to a stagnant situation, heals regrets and worries, and helps to relieve mental exhaustion. Eucalyptus is one of the planet’s earliest herbal healers, often blended with other healing herbs, offering it’s health boosting benefits to provide relief from physical or emotional concerns. It’s uplifting scent makes it the perfect herb to use when feeling bothered or in need of an energy boost.

A wonderful herb to dispel melancholy, hopelessness, and other negative vibrations, Thyme is burned as a purifier to enhance self awareness and renew energy. With its refreshing yet warming scent, thyme can also be used for removing obstacles and mind blocks, and works it’s magic as a memory booster.

Associated with fire and sun, Rosemary is a powerful cleanser for your home and your own aura. It’s believed to provide mental clarity, enhance memory, protect from negative energy, and open your heart.
Smudging is a cleansing technique that has been used for centuries as a way of clearing negative energies, and creating peace and harmony in the body, home or space that surrounds you. These beauties will cleanse your soul, banish bad spirits, and invite in divine protection.

Our specialty smudge sticks measure approx 5”-6” long and contain a base of White Sage. Each one is then specially crafted for your individual needs-- offering a variety of combination of flowers and herbs to bring into your space what is desired most.

Optimal occasions to intentionally cleanse your person or space:

- When energy in self or space feels stagnant or stale
- Before or after hosting guests
- When beginning a new job, starting your own business or new project
- Before or after yoga, meditation, or ritual
- After sickness or conflict
- During a new or full moon

*Added bonus! According to the National Botanical Research Institute, Sage smoke eliminates up to 94% of airborne human and plant pathogenic bacteria in the air such as mold spores, odors, viruses, dust and other germs within confined spaces for 30 days.