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Crystals go allll the way back, like millions of years, so there’s a reason why they’re legendary. These enchanting stones work with our energy fields to absorb and direct vibes where needed. They remind us to harness our inner strength, love and beauty. Use as a touchstone to enhance your sense of self and overall awareness.

Get that money, honey! Our Prosperity crystal set will usher in good luck and abundance in whichever area you most desire. This set comes with an air plant for your space and three magic stones chosen to bring fortune in ways of money, friendship or love.
Harness the supreme energy of your stones all-day, every-day by placing on your nightstand, your desk, or in your car for adventures ahead. Bring the vibrations even closer by carrying in your pocket, bag, or bra (we went there). The force is with you!
Our Prosperity crystal set comes complete with an air plant, three curated crystals, and a cotton bag to protect crystals when needed for travel.

Welcome abundance into your life with Green Aventurine. This gorgeous green stone is a symbol of prosperity; bringing comfort, harmony and good luck. Tied to the heart chakra, this stone provides love, compassion and trust. If it’s money, friendship, love or personal growth you need most, Green Aventurine will fill you with the positive energy to succeed.

With its bright, sunshine yellow appearance, Citrine is all about good vibrations and kick-starting creative energy. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, it helps stimulate the brain, activate a positive mindset, and improve willpower. Incorporate citrine into your space and feel the negative energy float away.

If you’ve been craving transformation, allow Smokey Quartz to show you the way. This crystal, tied to the root chakra, is known for its inherent grounding properties and ability to promote personal growth as well as encourage you to follow your true purpose. Get ready to step into your power and release anything that no longer serves you.
All crystals are charged under the Full Moon. Size and shape may vary. Rainbow not included.