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Crystals go allll the way back, like millions of years, so there’s a reason why they’re legendary. These enchanting stones work with our energy fields to absorb and direct vibes where needed. They remind us to harness our inner strength, love and beauty. Use as a touchstone to enhance your sense of self and overall awareness.

It’s a vibe! Usher in all the good vibes with our signature crystal set. We’ve packed this vibration-raising kit with an air plant for your space and three magical stones curated especially for clearing out the bad juju and bringing in bright, beautiful, positive vibes. Take your new Good Vibes and spread them far and wide!
Harness the supreme energy of your stones all-day, every-day by placing on your nightstand, your desk, or in your car for adventures ahead. Bring the vibrations even closer by carrying in your pocket, bag, or bra (we went there). The force is with you!
Our Good Vibes crystal set comes complete with an air plant, three curated crystals, and a cotton bag to protect crystals when needed for travel.

If your heart is in need of nurturing, allow the crystal tied to “universal love” to open you up. Known for its soft, feminine energy, this crystal outpours compassion, peace, and forgiveness. With its light pink hue, Rose Quartz will bring love into your life--whether it’s for yourself or someone else. It will surround you in unconditional love to soften your heart, and help you embrace the beauty and opportunity all around you.

Commonly referred to as the “master healer”, this stunning, clear crystal is connected to all the chakras. It’s known for its amazing ability to clear out energy blockages, leaving you with a sense of balance and overall feeling of joy. It also releases you from limiting thoughts and provides a sense of renewed clarity. Clear Quartz is the perfect companion for a fresh start to reach highs!

This beautiful stone carries with it the ability to encourage you to be confident, seen, and stand in your power. Connected to the throat chakra, this vibrant, ocean-colored stone provides the energy and confidence needed when finding it difficult to express yourself clearly, or feel you aren’t being heard. Embrace the beauty of apatite to further find yourself and your unique voice.
All crystals are charged under the Full Moon. Size and shape may vary. Rainbow not included.